How To Order Quilting Services

Tell us about your Quilt. Please copy the section below into an email and fill in the blanks. It would also be very helpful to send us a picture of your quilt (and the backing if you are supplying) . If you are unsure of something just make note of it. This is just to get the conversation started. 

We use Glide 40wt Thread for our quilting. View Thread Colors Here

If you would like to know more about Mailing Your Quilt Click Here

Batting Choices are Here

Review our tips on  How To Prepare Your Quilt For The Longarmer

Once completed send the email to and we will get back to you with any questions and quote for your quilt. 

To give a rough estimate please take multiply your quilt's width x length * .025

We require a $50 deposit on all Quilting Services.

------------ Copy to Email and Fill In -------------

Quilt Width (inches): 

Quilt Length (inches) : 

Pantograph Name  : <Enter Pantograph Name>

Or Custom : <Yes/No>

Thread Color : <enter Glide Color Number/Name>

Quilt Trimming ($10 charge) : Yes/No

If yes : Even with Quilt edge or .25" away

Batting : No or <enter type>

Backing : No or <enter Backing Name>


  • None
  • Make (Please provide fabric) $0.05 per linear inch
  • Attach to Front : $0.10 per linear inch
  • Attach to Back and Machine Bind Front :  $0.20 per linear Inch
  • Attach to Front and Hand Bind to Back :  $0.40 per linear Inch

Are You Local (to St Catharines, Ont ) or Mail In Service?

Include a picture of Quilt (and backing if providing) 

We know how much work has gone into your quilt and it will be treated with care as we would one of our own. In the case of something unforeseen occurring The Bobbin Robin Shop's liability is limited to $100 per quilt. 

------------ ---------------------------------- -------------