Mailing Your Quilt

Your Quilt is very valuable we recommend sending your quilt using "Signature Required"

The Bobbin Robin Shop is not liable if your quilt is lost on its way to us. You will need to work with your shipping service directly. We will refund your deposit.

Shipping cost back to you will be determined after the completion of your quilt. We will charge the actual cost to ship up to a maximum of $30. We will give you the option of adding "Signature Required"  for an added charge of $2. Please note this option is only available for Canada Post Standard Shipping (not available on Flat Rate Boxes or UPS) 

The Bobbin Robin Shop liability is limited to $100 for any lost or damaged quilts being shipped back to you.

We also recommend placing your quilt in a plastic waterproof bag such as a clear garbage bag. I have never heard of our shipments arriving wet but there is always a first time. 

If you place an order that can be shipped with your quilt we will credit you the base amount of the order shipping against the actual cost of shipping your quilt. 

For example lets say your quilt will cost $25 to ship to you. You place a $105 (before tax) order and based on your location your shipping starts at $17 but is discounted to $10 based on the size of your order. The Shipping charge for your quilt will be  $25-$17 = $7  (plus the $10 you have already paid for your order) We will ship your order and quilt to you for $17. (The Bobbin Robin Shop liability is limited to $100 for the combined order and quilt)