US Customers

To our US Customers,

We are neighbors and really not so different from each other. There are somethings that are different hopefully this page will help with your questions

  • Your dollar is worth more when buying Canadian. Currently your dollar is worth ~$1.32 Canadian. Please see for the current exchange rate.
  • Worried about duty? US Customers are responsible for duty but  you are able to order up to $800 in one shipment without duty being applied. 
  • On our site you will see the price for items in US dollars. On the checkout page you will see your Cart in Canadian dollars and your credit card will be charged in Canadian dollars and your credit card company will automatically convert it. For example $15.99 Canadian is only $12.11 US.
  • Shipping to the US is $15 Canadian (over $100 is free) which is approximately $12 US (depending on the current Exchange rate)

Fabric Size

We sell fabric by the Meter. A meter is 39" compared to a yard of 36". So you get more material. 

US Size Canadian Size
1 Yard (36 inches) 1 Meter (39 inches)
1/2 Yard (18 inches) 1/2 Meter (~20 inches)
1/4 Yard (9 inches) 1/4 Meter (~10 inches)
Fat Quarter 18" x 22"  * the prepackaged  standard is 18"x22" (occasionally if we have created our own it will be 20"x22")


If you have any questions, we are here to help. Please email us at