About Us

The Bobbin Robin Shop is a Canadian Online Retailer, that was started by me on Etsy five years ago, as a place where I could sell the quilts I enjoy making and a donating a portion of the proceeds to charity. In 2018 I took my business in a new direction, to be a online quilt and sewing supply store. Even in this new direction The Bobbin Robin Shop continues to donate a portion of its sales to charities. I have really enjoyed this new direction. Every time I package a new order I wonder what will be made from it. I love all the fabric and supplies that we sell and I hope you will as well.

I still maintain the original Etsy store, as Etsy is the place to go for people looking for handmade, finished items. If you would like to see my quilts here is the link. https://TheBobbinRobinShop.Etsy.com

And finally... where did my logo come from. I am proud to say "from my daughter". When I first decided to start the business I asked my daughter (who loves to draw and always amazes me with her work) to create a logo for me... and there you have the Robin picking up colorful bobbins... with the cute polka dot background.. absolutely perfect and exactly what I was looking for. 

And there you have the Story of the Bobbin Robin Shop.