Quilting Service Thread Selection : Glide 40wt

For our Quilting Service we use Glide for its strength, durability and low lint. Please pick a thread color you feel will work well with your quilt top and back as we try to use the same color both top and bottom. We can slightly change the bottom to be a shade lighter or darker. Speak to us about this option

Depending on your project size you may need to select a thread color we have in a cone (large size). Please ignore if the color shows "Sold Out" we may still have it in use for quilting but not for sale in the store we will let you know. If it is unavailable we provide you with some alternatives.

If you would like to provide your own Glide Color we will credit you $2.50 for every bobbin used and return the remaining thread to you. 

Please use the color chart (link below). If you would like a color we do not currently have we can look at bringing it in for you

Glide Color Chart

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