SewSlip Mat PTFE Quilting Sheet 12"x18"

The SewSlip  provides a sleek and slippery surface for all of your sewing with a tacky back to hold it securely in place! All types of fabric, from leather to flannel, move effortlessly along the SewSlip's slick surface! Using the SewSlip  is easy! Simply remove the protective liner sheet, position the hold under your needle - and sew!

2 Styles Available

Sew Slip 2 Rectangular Hole : The rectangle hole measures 1" x 1.5" to allow the feed dogs to show through. 

Sew Slip 2 Round Hole : The sheet is designed with a 1/2" diameter round hole to cover the feed dogs for maximum glide while free motion stitching

  • Uses: fusing projects, free-motion stitching, painting projects and more!
  • Size: 12" x 18"
  • Care Instructions: Clean with clear, running water and let air dry. If desired, the sheet can be trimmed with scissors. 

 The Bobbin Robin Shop motto is Creating and Donating. A portion of the sales from this item will go to this month's charity.