LUMINARY Glow-in-the-Dark No. 60 - White


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The motto of The Bobbin Robin Shop is Creating and Donating. 10 cents from the purchase of this thread will go to this month's charity.  

LUMINOUS : Just few minutes of being exposed to light & the beautiful pastel colors glow powerfully in the dark for up to eight hours.

CONSISTENCE : Luminary’s consistent elongation & high tensile strength offer optimal performance.

POWERFUL : The glowing effect is diminished after each wash, ironing & dry-cleaning session. Luminary has successfully passed 50 wash tests while still retaining some of its glowing power. 


1. Recommended Needle - A long, thin needle with a small needle eye should achieve top results. #14 for Long-Arm or 70/10 for Domestic Machines.
2. Loose bobbin tension is recommended even when using Magna-Glide, The Bobbin Line, or Allure Silk.