Aurifil 40wt Color Builder 2021 : Cross River Gorilla (Oct)


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The 2021 Aurifil Color Builders were created in part to herald and highlight the very first thread weight produced by Aurifil: 40wt. These mini-collections dedicated to an incredibly worthy cause that falls in line with our goal to increase Aurifil’s sustainability and positive environmental impact — Endangered Species. Each collection contains three large spools of our supple and strong 40wt thread — a warm, a medium, and a dark.

Colors included:
2562 — 2520 — 2545

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Ideal when a very fine finish is desired. This weight disappears so your fabric is the feature. Use for a straight stitch, small zig zag , Blind hemming stitch , and Blanket stitch. Gives a great result with a nice flat seam every time. Use for very detailed machine quilting with a lot of back tracking such as feathers and heavy background quilting . Perfect for quilting that creates texture when you don’t necessarily want to see the quilting lines. Use the same thread in the bobbin and a Sharp/Microtex, quilting or even denim needles 80/12.

The motto of The Bobbin Robin Shop is Creating and Donating. A portion from the sale of this thread will go to this month's charity. 

Due to lighting variances color may not be exactly as shown