Handmade Seam Rippers

We are happy to have partnered with a local Canadian Craftsman to make available these beautiful, one of a kind, Seam Rippers. 

These Seam Rippers are hand turned on a lathe, followed by a 15 step sanding process followed by a 3 step final polish. 

You will absolutely love the shape and feel of these Seam Rippers. They are beautiful and functional. If you have to rip out a seam wont it be made so much better to use a beautiful tools such as this.

These seam rippers have a reversible tip that allow you to tuck the sharp end inside, leaving just a blunt end sticking out. The ripper has the red "speed ball" to allow for the removal of multiple in-line threads.  

We brought in all the colors currently available, some of which we have duplicates.  We have 21 Acrylic handles and 1 Wood handles Because each is unique the duplicates are pictured and labeled. For example we have 3 of the Caribbean Sea color labeled #1, #2, and #3 for you to choose from.

Also available as an addon option is a stiletto end (very last option in list). If you would like to add stiletto end  : select your Seam Ripper; Add To Cart and then select the Stiletto end and add to cart.  You will then have your Handle and the Ripper end plus the additional Stiletto end.

The initial picture contains all the available Seam Rippers, the pictures following show the color names and labels.  Please be patient with the pictures, they may load slowly as they are high quality to show detail

Also available is a set of Crochet hooks that fit into any of these handles. Click here to view the crochet hook set. 

The Bobbin Robin Shop's Motto is Creating and Donating. A portion from the sale of this product will be donated to this month’s charity